Superorangekun (dogs and cats – 180 g)


Superfood mix with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Superorangekun contains the ideal combination of superfoods to reduce the pro-inflammatory state of dogs and cats, which can occur in cases of allergies, chronic inflammations (osteoarthritis, dermatitis, hepatitis, etc.), obesity or aging, improving the health of the animal.

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Coconut (from organic farming), carrot (from organic farming).

Nutritional additives

Natural products: Curcuma longa L.: Turmeric extract – 50 000 mg/kg; Flavourings: Piperine – 500 mg/kg.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 7.51%; Crude fibres 12.87%; Crude fat 45.92%; Crude ash 2.53%; Medium chain fatty acids 22.15%

How do its active ingredients work?



Its anti-inflammatory properties appears to be mediated through the inhibition of induction of important enzymes that mediate inflammatory processes like COX-2, LOX, and iNOS production of cytokines such as interferon-gamma and tumor necrosis factor, and activation of transcription factors like NF-κB and AP-1. In addition, it has antioxidant and anticancer properties, strengthens the immune system, helps the liver to filter toxins from the organism and slows down the aging process.


It increases curcumin bioavailability (by 20-fold), due to piperine’s inhibition of hepatic glucuronidation and intestinal metabolism of curcumin.


They possess antioxidant (they protect the body from the damage that free radicals can cause), anticancer, and immunostimulant properties. In addition, they are precursors of vitamin A.


Medium chain fatty acids

Coconut pulp contains around 65% of medium-chain fatty acids. These, in addition to being highly digestible and favoring curcumin absorption, possess anti-inflammatory properties, balance intestinal microbiota, strengthen the immune system, protect the brain and cognitive function (since they are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and provide energy to the brain), and have anticancer properties (they decrease replication and favor apoptosis of carcinogenic cells).

  • To reduce the pro-inflammatory state of the animal, which can occur in certain situations: allergies, chronic inflammations (osteoarthritis, dermatitis, hepatitis, etc.), obesity, aging, situations that involve a high metabolic activity (physical exercise, diseases, etc.), neoplasms (important do not administer simultaneously with antineoplastic treatments, as it may decrease their effectiveness), etc.
  • As a prevention, to maintain a good health status of the animal.


It is not recommended the use of SUPERORANGEKUN in case of:

  • Patients with clotting problems, co-administration with drugs that inhibit platelet-aggregation, or hemorrhagic processes.
  • Situations with subclinical iron deficiency or other diseases associated with iron.
  • Animals that are already taking Arthrokun or Dermakun, as they would already be receiving the necessary daily doses of curcumin and piperine. In any case, it would be very difficult to reach an overdose situation.

Daily recommendation to be added to the food (on top) or through homemade snacks. This dose can be divided into different shots:

Weight Spoons* Amount for
<10 kg 1/4 110 days
10-20 kg 1/2 55 days
20-30 kg 3/4 35 days
>30 kg 1 30 days

*Use a table spoon (6.6 g/spoon).


During how much time?

  • Existing pro-inflammatory state: Daily administration is recommended for at least 1 month and as long as the symptoms persist. The product can be administered chronically without any contraindication.
  • Prevention: It is recommended to administer this supplement between 2-4 times a week. The product can be administered chronically without any contraindication.